Strategic Plan

Capital School District is committed to working to meet the needs of our students and our community.

Through a comprehensive process that involved multiple stakeholders in the community and support of the Capital School District Board of Education, we have focused our work in 3 key areas of Strategic Intent.

Strategic Intent Number 1: Linear and streamlined district

The intent of this strategy is that Capital will become more streamlined to improve the consistency of the educational expectations and experience for students, parents and the community, to improve learning opportunities within the District as well as enabling improved communication with parents and the community, to minimize transitions where possible, and to better leverage resources from federal, state and local funds.

Strategic Intent Number 2: Meeting the needs of the whole child

The intent of Strategy Number 2 is to broaden Capital’s educational mission on meeting the needs of the whole child. Reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and the arts are all areas that are traditionally thought of as part of the education process. Capital’s vision is to go beyond this thought. This strategy strives to communicate and consistently address the needs of the whole child, which includes behavior, mental health, social and emotional health, academic rigor/supports and entrepreneurship. This strategy ensures a coherent framework and a faithful implementation of a common language and set of expectations that support students and families.

Strategic Intent Number 3: Senator Pride

This intent of this strategy is to build a highly visible culture of Senator Pride evident in the behaviors, beliefs, values and symbols found within the District and across the entire community. Having a wealth of Senator Pride results in improved school safety, hiring and retaining premier teachers (educators), meeting the needs of the whole child and establishing strong partnerships with the community and families in support of their schools. This will lead to our community’s willingness to invest in an educational system they are proud to support.

The work continues to develop and strategies refined in order to ensure our work is effective and efficient. Led by 3 Core Teams, we make quarterly checks on progress, adjust as appropriate and report to the public and School Board our progress. Our Balanced Scorecard, holds accountability measures to ensure we are making progress toward our goals.

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