Citizen Budget Oversight Committee

Citizens Budget Oversight Committee


Per Delaware Regulations 736 the Citizen Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC) will oversee the financial position of the school district.  The Capital School District Board of Education shall retain all policy and decision-making authorities granted pursuant to Delaware Code.  The committee may make recommendations to the Board of Education, providing that a majority vote of the Citizen Budget Oversight Committee supports the recommendation.  The Oversight Committee shall meet at a minimum of four times a year.

The committee shall be composed of the following members:

  • The District Business Manager (non-Voting Member/ Chair of the Committee
  • Two (2) Educators from the District
  • Three (3) parents residing within the district and with children currently enrolled in the district
  • Two (2) citizens/taxpayers residing within the district
    • If the status of a member (i.e. Citizen/taxpayer, parent, educator) changes during his/her tenure, he/she may complete the current term if approved by a majority vote of the committee.
    • If there are only enough volunteers for five (5) voting members; then the committee shall consist of the Business Manager (non-voting member), two (2) educators, two (2) parents, and one (1) citizen/taxpayer.  The committee shall not consist of six (6) voting members to avoid a potential tie vote. 
  • Where possible, at least two members shall have formal educational or vocational backgrounds amenable to the oversight of school district finances.


  • Each Member (except the Business Manager) shall commit to a two (2) year term with the option to extend no more than three (3) additional terms based on approval from the Board of Education.


  • No member shall be an owner of any company and/or vendor doing business with the district or having a fiduciary relation to the district as described in Title 29 Section 5805.  Nor shall any member have any other conflict of interest as described in Title 29 Chapter 58.


  • Members of the committee agree to attend training developed by the Department of Education.


  • Requests for committee members shall be posted for at least fifteen (15) working days on the district website, published once a week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper, and posted on all school building main entrance doors.


  • Each candidate shall submit an application and a Selection Committee will select the members based on the selection rubric created by DOE.  The district shall identify and post on its website the Selection Committee which will consist of five (5) members: one (1) educator from the district, one (1) school board member, one (1) member from the teachersassociation, and two (2) parents or community members who are not district employees, current voting members of the CBOC, or local school board members.



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