Meet the Staff

Get to know the Office of Technology!

The Office of Technology is comprised of 2 pillars of service, which compliment and help the other achieve the overarching strategic objectives of the school district.  They also coordinate closely with the Academic Accountability team to make sure key software is running smoothly.   

The Office of Technology is comprised of:

Operations - This team is comprised of the Field Technicians you see working in our schools and classrooms each and every day. These men and women are the backbone of our department and the first face you may see from our ranks. The more information you can provide them in your service request, the faster they can get you back up and running. 

Enterprise Systems - Our Enterprise Systems Team keeps our networks, servers, and other complex systems running smoothly and securely. While they don't get out of the office very often, they provide support across the entire district along with advanced troubleshooting in collaboration with our Field Operations Team. If you see us in your school, don't worry - we may just be there to say hello or ensure your services are running optimally. If you've ever wondered who in our office supports our District and School Websites, that is also a function of the Systems Team. 

Enterprise Systems

Who leads this band of technical leaders? That would be our Chief Information Officer! He oversees each team and meets constantly with each Team leader to ensure our department is meeting goals and providing the best quality service that we can to all Capital Staff and Students. Our CIO is also no stranger to rolling up his sleeves and jumping into any situation to ensure we provide reliable equipment and services across the district. Not even a suit and tie will stop our CIOfrom crawling under your computer desk to get you back online.

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