Pay Practices

State law, collective bargaining and the Board of Education mandate and determine an employee’s salary according to their position assignment with the District. An employee’s salary may be based on education attainments, relevant work experience, and/or longevity supplements. Please follow this link to access current salary schedules.

12-month employees are paid bi-weekly - every other Friday, 26 payments per year. When the payday Friday occurs on a holiday, the actual payday is the day before. 10-month employees may elect either 22 or 26 salary payments per year.

Mandatory Salary Deductions

Income Tax
Income tax withholding from regular paychecks is based on the W4 filled out by the employee

Social Security

Pension Fund
You are a member of the State Pension Plan if you are employed by the State in a pension creditable positions. Employees hired on or after 1/1/2012 will be fully vested in the pension plan after 10 consecutive years of employment with the State of Delaware. Pension will be deducted at a rate of 5% of your gross earnings after have earned $6000 per calendar year (January through December).

Unpaid Absence

Voluntary Salary Deductions

  • District/State sponsored benefits in excess of District contribution
  • Tax sheltered Annuity/Deferred State Compensation
  • United Way Fund Pledge
  • Payment of loans/savings programs through the credit union
  • Association/Union Dues
An employee should examine his/her paycheck online regularly to ascertain whether the deductions and salary payments are correct. Access to your paycheck is available through this link (Delaware SSO)

Questions and inquiries regarding compensation may be directed to the appropriate Human Resource Specialist.
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