Fine Arts

Capital’s Visual and Performing Arts Program is focused on developing each student’s unique potential through creative behavior, skill performance, and aesthetic response to their own creations and the work of others.  We believe the arts are an essential part of every student’s education.  The arts begin in elementary school with planned foundational experiences for exploration in the disciplines of voice, instrumental music, performance, and visual arts designed to build interest and engage students.  In the middle grades students continue to explore and begin to select areas of interest where they develop skills across disciplines or elect to specialize in a specific discipline of music, theater, dance, or visual arts through a robust set of course offerings. The arts at the high school level are intended to provide students with the opportunity to continue to explore their interests and to specialize in one or more disciplines in preparation for further education and/or careers in the arts. There are four aspects of every arts offering.  Seeing and feeling visual relationships which is the study of aesthetics, the development of the ability to communicate personal ideas through and art vocabulary and artistic expression, the study of  the heritage of works of art from many cultures, and the critical evaluation of art.  Our arts curriculum is designed to develop students interest and abilities in the creative process and provides learning opportunities that include creating, performing, responding and connecting within and across the arts disciplines.

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