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How to send a broadcast to a specific list of students:

The first step in sending a broadcast to a specific list of students is to gather a CSV File of just 1 column of student ID's of students from your building. Please take a look at this example file for more detail. (Make sure when saving, you choose CSV - comma seperated from the file type).

Next, once you have this file. Login to SchoolMessenger and click "New Broadcast". Once you are there, this quick video will show you how to upload your list of students to school messenger.

As shown in the video:

  • Start your Broadcast in School Messenger
  • Click the dropdown under "Add Message Recipients"
  • Choose "Upload List"
  • Choose the "ID Lookup" option
  • Click "Choose File" and select your CSV file of student ID's
  • Press Next
  • If everything looks good, hit Save and continue building your message.
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