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Welcome to Classlink, the new Single Sign on portal used by Capital School District and the Delaware Department of Education. 

Classlink will help provide integrated access to many Capital School District applications using a single sign in for Capital School District Staff and Students. This portal utilizes the same login that you use to access Capital computer's, email, google, and other services. 

Below you will see how to login and how to access DDOE applications that were formerly inside of IMS. Need more help? Submit a service request here. 

Here is how you login:

First, visit

Then, click the "Login with ADFS" button. This will allow you to sign in with the same username and password that you use to sign into the computer, email, google, and other services.

That's it - you will now be signed into classlink!

How to login to IMS and other DOE Applications

Please watch the video below for a visual explanation on how to find IMS and other IMS applications.

DOE is still working to move all IMS applications over to Classlink. For now, only a few are available in the "DDOE Applications Library" in Classlink, along with a special IMS icon to login to access all other IMS applications not available in Classlink*. 

*Important Note: You will still need to request permissions inside of IMS applications (like eSchool and PowerSchoolEP) via service request. The steps below will just add the application to your Classlink Dashboard, this does not necessarily provide direct access to many applications. We realize this is a change from how IMS worked previously, but in the future this will provide more self service options to all staff. 

How to add resources to your Classlink Portal

Classlink provides a unique opportunity for Staff to add resources directly to their own portals, allowing you to focus only on the links that you need. In the video tutorial below it will show you how to add items to your portal* in less than 60 seconds.

*Important Note: Many applications listed in the Staff resource library are rostered through Classlink or Clever based on data from eSchool, so you may not have access to all items in the list. 

How to access PDMS in Classlink

Delaware DOE has provided us with an instructional video in order to help all of our users access PDMS. Please follow the instructions in the video below to access PDMS. These instructions only need to be followed once for all employees and then only utilized again if your password needs to be reset.

Quick Steps (Follow Steps 10 and 11 Closely!)

  1. Click on the PDMS icon in Classlink
  2. Click “Forgot Username” (leave this tab open)
  3. Enter your Capital Email address ([email protected])
  4. Get an email with your Username
  5. Go back to the PDMS login tab (leave it open, still)
  6. Click “Forgot Password”
  7. Enter your username (from the first email)
  8. Get a second email with a link, click the link
  9. Create a new password (type it twice)
  10. Get an error screen for the new password & ignore it
  11. Go back to the PDMS login tab & enter your username & password

How to use Quick Cards for Grades Pre-K through 1:

Classlink Quick Cards are available to assist students in signing into their Chromebook devices and applications powered by Classlink or Clever. Here are a few things students will need to do before being able to utilize a quick card:
  1. Students have to have a quick card generated by their teacher in the Quick Card Classlink Application
  2. Students should be provided the quick card in a lanyard and holder they can securely keep with them at all times.
Here is how you can generate and print Quick Cards as a Teacher:

Classlink Academy Training on Quick Cards:

Classlink Help Article for Quick Card Printing:

Video Help on Printing Quick Cards:

Tips and Tricks:
  • Classlink Quick Cards must be generated by the Classroom Teacher. These cannot be generated by anyone who is not assigned as a teacher in the eSchool Course.

  • You do not need to generate Quick Cards for students in more than one course. For example, if a student has a Reading, Writing, Math, and Library course, the classroom teacher should choose one course (Usually Reading will suffice for Grade PK-1) and generate the Quick Cards. The Library teacher does not also need to generate Quick Cards. 

  • If you delete a students Quick Card(or regenerate it), the current Quick Card will stop working immediately. 

  • There is no need to delete Quick Cards for former students. As long as students are deactivated in eSchool, their login will also stop functioning.

  • There is no need to regenerate Quick Cards when a student changes classrooms. The Quick Card information will follow their eSchool schedule over to the new teacher. 

  • Quick Cards should be kept confidential as they contain a students full username and password in the QR code. Students should never share or photograph another students Quick Card.

  • Quick Cards only function on Capital School District Chromebooks. Quick cards can be used on a home/personal device to login to Classlink directly at as long as the device the are using contains a working camera. If the device is a tablet or phone, they will require the Classlink App to be installed.

How to Login with a Quick Card:
Quick Card Logo

  1. On the Login Screen for the Chromebook, click the Quick Card symbol under the blue button (image above).

  2. This will launch the QR code reader. Hold the QR Code on the badge up into the camera view. Once the reader see's the code, the login will happen automatically.
* Students must be in Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st Grade to utilize this badge.
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