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Below you will find links to common applications that are utilized by Staff Members along with a brief explanation of each application. 


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DOE Single Sign On
(Identity Management System)
IMS Logo The State of Delaware Department of Education Single Sign on System provides access to applications like eSchoolPLUS, IEPPlus, and other items needed for the day to day in each school. Applications and Accounts are requested through the links on this page. 

Staff E-Mail
Capital School District utilizes Microsoft Office365 and Outlook for e-mail service. This utilizes Single Sign On with the same information used to access your computer account when logging in.

Google Apps for Education
GSuite Logo Capital utilizes Google Apps for Education for all students and staff members. This service uses single sign on with the same information you use to login on district computers.

Data Service Center
Data Service Center is used for leave requests for 12 month employees and other services such as DPAS. This service utilizes Single Sign On using the same information as your computer sign in (Do not use the portion).

(Secure Message System)
Egress Switch Logo .Switch is the secure webmail solution used to send sensitive information via email. This system is run by the State of Delaware and uses Single Sign on with your email login information. 

School Messenger
SM Logo The School Messenger: Communicate Platform allows Administrators to send out Voice, SMS, and Email communication to student guardians and staff. This platform also allows teachers to communicate with their classroom students guardians in a safe and secure manor. This system uses an integrated Active Directory login.

Renaissance Learning is a platform that allows educators to ensure all students reach their full potential. It provides teachers the ability to understand where their students are currently at in the Delaware learning progression, what they need to learn next, and have access to instruction and practice tools to get them to the next level.

TCI Subscription Login
Delaware Science)
TCI TCI is a new program provided by the Delaware Science coalition for use in Middle School Science Classrooms. The login for this program uses the Clever Single Sign On Application. Please make sure you use the "Login with Google" option.
HMH Teacher Login Portal
Read 180/Math 180/System 44)
HMH HMH Teacher login portal provides Educator Access to programs like Read 180, Math 180, and System 44. These programs are designed to strengthen core educational skills in students of all ages in critical needs areas. Please see your building Instructional Coach for access to this program if you do not currently have an account.

Typing Agent
(Uses Clever)
Typing Agent Typing Agent is the program used District wide for students to build their Typing Skills. Student logins and classes are automatically sync'd daily from eSchoolPLUS. Staff and Students should only utilize the clever login link to access their classrooms and activities.

(Holt McDougal Online)
Holt McDougal Online is used for GoMath for 6th graders. This is part of the HMH Suite of products. 
MyON from Renaissance
MyOn from Renaissance Learning offers two login methods for staff. The link above uses the clever instant sign in, which you should use if you are a classroom teacher. If you are a coach or program administrator, please use this link to login directly.

Human Resources Links

Technology Links

Clever Application Portal
(Coming Soon)
Clever Clever is an application portal designed to make single sign on easier to commonly used applications. To access the clever portal, you would login with your Capital School District Google account (Students and Staff). 

Schoology Staff
Login Page
Schoology is Capital School Districts Learning Management System for all classrooms and staff. Schoology utilizes Single Sign on, so the same information you use to access services like e-mail are also used with Schoology.

Submit a Tech Service Request
SchoolDude is used by the Capital School District Office of Technology to allow staff to submit help requests from any mobile device.
Please visit our help page if you have trouble signing on.

AESOP Logo AESOP (Frontline) provides access for 10 month employees to manage leave requests. AESOP is also used for substitute requests by teachers in each school building. 

District Calendar
Google Calendar Logo Capital utilizes Google Calendar for Staff Members to view (or manage) their building calendars. This service uses single sign on with the same information you use to login on district computers.

State of Delaware
Single Sign On
The State of Delaware Single Sign on System provides access to applications such as the Employee Self Service, PHRST, FSF and other secure State of Delaware systems.
For assistance with these resources, click the link above and then click the "Contact Us" link on the new page.

ThinkCentral Teacher Login
ThinkCentral Math instruction is always evolving, with new approaches to pedagogy, engagement, and technology. GO Math!® meets students and teachers on their math journey, raising student achievement scores and supporting teachers along the way.

(Online Library)
Follet Logo Destiny is the Online Library Manager used district wide at Capital School District. Please see your buildings librarian for more information and how you can utilize it in your classroom.

McGraw Hill Education ConnectED (Wonders) is a program from McGraw Hill Education. It is used by Elementary School Teachers in Capital School District to enhance reading and literacy skills in the Classroom. Please see your building Reading/Literacy Coach for access information. 

(Uses Clever)
Dreambox Logo Dreambox is a Math skills building program used in Elementary and other programs.. Student logins and classes are automatically sync'd daily from eSchoolPLUS. Staff and Students should only utilize the clever login link to access their classrooms and activities.
Adobe Spark
(Uses Google Login)
Adobe Spark is a free graphic design app that allows students and teachers to create impactful graphics, web stories, and animated videos. With a goal of encouraging creativity and meaningful communication, Students from grades K-12 can use Adobe Spark.. Learn how to sign-in with your Capital account HERE.

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