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In order to ensure great outcomes for students with disabilities the Capital School District employs a variety of specialists and support staff.

Educational Diagnosticians:

Ms. Evie Ross East/Fairview
Ms. Kelly Steed BTW/North
Ms. Jill Harrington Hartly
Ms. Apryl Peppard South
Ms. Tarez Taylor WHMS
Ms. Latasha Whitaker DHS
Ms. Jennifer O’Keefe DHS
Ms. Tiffany Waller KCSILC
Ms. Denise Gast KCCS/DAP/Trans
Ms. Traci Perry KCCS/DAP/BTW
Ms. Regine Walker KCCS/DAP/B-4yrs

Speech Language Pathologists

Ms. Diane O’Brien FV/TP
Ms. Sue Ford Casual Seasonal


Ms. Sheryl Markowitz North/Hartly
Ms. Laura Talavera South/Private
Ms. Kristen Martin WHMS
Ms. Pat Slentz CMS/DHS
Ms. Caroline Gigon KCCS/DAP
Ms. Christine Stang KCCS/DAP
Ms. Katie Anderson KCCS/DAP
Ms. Alison Gruwell KCCS/DAP
Ms. Cindy Hoyle KCCS/DAP
Ms. Colleen Young KCCS/DAP
Mr. Rudy Gallon KCCS
Ms. Mary Clare Pawluk PK
Ms. Emily Lawrence PK
Ms. Jill Harmon PK



Mr. Andrew Royer North/Hartly
Ms. Marcie Naftzinger South/TP
Ms. Rebecca Anderson BTW
Ms. Gabrielle Van Heest DHS/KSILC 9-12
Ms. Eva Akana PK
Ms. Amanda Wells KCCS/DAP
Ms. Elizabeth Wyatt KCCS/DAP
Ms. Ashley Manion KCCS

Occupational Therapists

Ms. Jessica Lorenz District
Ms. Kim Henry District
Dr. Kevin Bielanski District
Ms. Danielle Gallagher KCCS/DAP
Ms. Mary Ockels KCCS/DAP
Ms. Myra Preston KCCS/DAP
Ms. Jill Olshenske KCCS/DAP
Ms. Denise Peick KCCS/DAP
Ms. Connie Shetler KCCS/DAP
Ms. Rebecca Casey KCCS/DAP

Physical Therapists

Dr. Rebecca Gill KCCS/DAP
Ms. Kathy Falasco KCCS/DAP
Ms. Margaret Kroen District

Ms. Kathleen Johnson District

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