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In order to ensure great outcomes for students with disabilities the Capital School District employs a variety of specialists and support staff.

Educational Diagnosticians:

Ms. Evie Ross East/Fairview
Ms. Kelly Steed BTW/North
Ms. Jill Harrington Hartly
Ms. Apryl Peppard South
Ms. Tarez Taylor WHMS
Mr. Jackson Wilson CMS
Ms. Latasha Whitaker DHS
Ms. Jennifer O’Keefe DHS
Ms. Tiffany Waller KCSILC
Ms. Denise Gast KCCS/DAP/Trans
Ms. Traci Perry KCCS/DAP/BTW
Ms. Regine Walker KCCS/DAP/B-4yrs

Speech Language Pathologists

Ms. Diane O’Brien FV/TP
Ms. Sue Ford Casual Seasonal


Ms. Sheryl Markowitz North/Hartly
Ms. Laura Talavera South/Private
Ms. Kristen Martin WHMS
Ms. Pat Slentz CMS/DHS
Ms. Caroline Gigon KCCS/DAP
Ms. Christine Stang KCCS/DAP
Ms. Katie Anderson KCCS/DAP
Ms. Alison Gruwell KCCS/DAP
Ms. Cindy Hoyle KCCS/DAP
Ms. Colleen Young KCCS/DAP
Mr. Rudy Gallon KCCS
Ms. Mary Clare Pawluk PK
Ms. Emily Lawrence PK
Ms. Jill Harmon PK



Mr. Andrew Royer North/Hartly
Ms. Marcie Naftzinger South/TP
Ms. Rebecca Anderson BTW
Dr. Gregg Drevno WHMS/KSILC 6th
Ms. Kristie Spangler Noyes CMS/KSILC 7th
Ms. Maidah Khalid-Jenny DHS/KSILC 9-12
Ms. Gabrielle Van Heest DHS/KSILC 9-12
Ms. Eva Akana PK
Ms. Amanda Wells KCCS/DAP
Ms. Elizabeth Wyatt KCCS/DAP
Ms. Beatrice Nyantaki KCCS/DAP
Mr. Michael Waxman KCCS/DAP
Mr. Toni Jolevski KCCS/DAP

Occupational Therapists

Ms. Jessica Lorenz District
Ms. Kim Henry District
Dr. Kevin Bielanski District
Ms. Danielle Gallagher KCCS/DAP
Ms. Mary Ockels KCCS/DAP
Ms. Myra Preston KCCS/DAP
Ms. Jill Olshenske KCCS/DAP
Ms. Denise Peick KCCS/DAP
Ms. Connie Shetler KCCS/DAP
Ms. Rebecca Casey KCCS/DAP

Physical Therapists

Dr. Rebecca Gill KCCS/DAP
Ms. Kathy Falasco KCCS/DAP
Dr. Daphne Golden PK/District


Ms. Kathleen Johnson District

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