Capital School District will join other schools across the nation in The Million Father March on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. (You can find a list of activities at each school below.)
School Activities for The Million Father March
School Phone Web Address Activities
Booker T. Washington Elementary 672-1900 8 am-9 am: Breakfast and Guest Readers in Classrooms
East Dover Elementary 672-1655 8 am-9 am: Morning greeters as students enter, breakfast with their student or a chosen classroom followed by a half hour of volunteering in the classroom.
Fairview Elementary 672-1645 7:30 am-8:30 am: Breakfast with your student beginning and get a book to read with your student
Hartly Elementary 492-1870 Breakfast in the cafeteria beginning at 7:30 am. Slideshow of photos of male role models will be shown during the meal
North Dover Elementary 672-1980 9 am-10 am: Breakfast/treats and Real Men Read (guest readers in classrooms)
South Dover Elementary 672-1680 Breakfast w/ Dads
Towne Point Elementary 672-1590 Breakfast and classroom visit from
8 am-9 am or Lunch and recess visit
William Henry Middle School 672-1620 7:30am-8:15 am: Continental Breakfast,
Central Middle School 672-1772 Breakfast & Guest Speakers, 7:45 am
Dover High School 241-1441 7 am - Meet the DHS staff, Breakfast, Photo in the Rotunda, Opportunity to sit in on students' 1st period class.
Kent County Community School 672-1960 8:30am-9:15 am: Breakfast at Main Site
Kent County Secondary ILC 736-5355 Breakfast at 8 am, Presentation by students to Fathers/Representatives in attendance

What is the Million Father March? 
The Million Father March (MFM) is an opportunity for men to show their commitment to the educational lives of their children on the first day of school and throughout the school year. Since The March began in 2004, fathers and other significant male caregivers across the United States and around the world have gathered to accompany their children to their first day of the new school year. Each annual MFM marks the beginning of a year-long commitment by men to their children’s educational success.

Created by The Black Star Project’s Fathers’ Club in a Chicago church basement, The Million Father March was developed out of recognition of the value and power of Black men’s involvement in their children’s education. Although created by Black men, people of any race, gender, nationality and faith background are encouraged to be involved in their children’s education. And the community event is not restricted to fathers only. Grandfathers, foster fathers, stepfathers, uncles, cousins, big brothers, significant male caregivers, family friends and other male role models are also encouraged to participate. Representatives from public and private schools, community-based organizations, government agencies, local businesses and faith institutions along with elected officials are also asked to join in and support The Million Father March.

Want to get involved?  Can't come to our event on September 19th? Here are some other ways you can get involved in your child's education at the Capital School District.

East Dover Elementary Mentoring, PTO meetings and monthly events, Leader in Me events, math and literature night, adopt-a-classroom opportunity
Fairview Elementary PTO, Mentoring, Family Literature Night/Math Night, Super Science Day, Student-Led Conferences, Leadership Day, Classroom Volunteer, Leader in Me Quarterly Assemblies
Hartly Elementary PTF participation, math and literature nights, super science day, conferences, book fair, and other school events
North Dover Elementary PTO, Family Math Night/Literacy Night, Family Fitness Night, Super Science Day, conferences, mentoring, outdoor learning space development
South Dover Elementary PTF, Family Math & Literacy Nights, Career Day, Field Trips, Classroom Volunteer
Towne Point Elementary Attend Evening Events to get a HW Pass for child(ren)
William Henry Middle School Volunteering and Participation in scheduled activities
Central Middle School Parent Workshops
Dover High School Meet and Greet with the staff, parental information in the theater, mentoring sign ups, photo in the rotunda and Parents may sit in the remainder of 1st period with Students

Contact your child's school for more information.

Thank you to our Community Partners and sponsors who are working with our schools: Cornerstone Church, DE Fatherhood & Families Coalition, DSU/Local Fraternity, PBS Mentor/Express Senator Partner Network (E.S.P.N), Redners and Sam's Club.

The Capital School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions), national origin, citizenship or ancestry, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, or gender identity, against victims of domestic violence, sexual offenses, or stalking, or upon any other categories protected by federal, state, or local law.  Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies should be directed to the Title IX, District 504 and ADA Coordinators:  Capital School District, 198 Commerce Way, Dover DE 19904.  Phone (302) 672-1500