Capital School District has embarked on a journey to determine the vision and direction of the District for the next five years through a Strategic Planning Process. We are well on our way on this journey. The Discovery and Design phases have been completed. We are now in the Define and Deliver phases which comprise the Implementation Stage of the process.

Three high priority strategies resulted from the completion of the Design Phase of the Capital School District’s Strategic Planning Process. These strategies were determined by a diverse group of over forty CSD stakeholders to be high priority and have significant leverage to move CSD closer to the group’s collective vision. These strategies are:

Strategic Intent Number 1: Linear and streamlined district

The intent of this strategy is that Capital will become more streamlined to improve the consistency of the educational expectations and experience for students, parents and the community, to improve learning opportunities within the District as well as enabling improved communication with parents and the community, to minimize transitions where possible, and to better leverage resources from federal, state and local funds.

Strategic Intent Number 2: Meeting the needs of the whole child.

The intent of Strategy Number 2 is to broaden Capital’s educational mission on meeting the needs of the whole child. Reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and the arts are all areas that are traditionally thought of as part of the education process. Capital’s vision is to go beyond this thought. This strategy strives to communicate and consistently address the needs of the whole child, which includes behavior, mental health, social and emotional health, academic rigor/supports and entrepreneurship. This strategy ensures a coherent framework and a faithful implementation of a common language and set of expectations that support students and families.

Strategic Intent Number 3: Senator Pride

This intent of this strategy is to build a highly visible culture of Senator Pride evident in the behaviors, beliefs, values and symbols found within the District and across the entire community. Having a wealth of Senator Pride results in improved school safety, hiring and retaining premier teachers (educators), meeting the needs of the whole child and establishing strong partnerships with the community and families in support of their schools. This will lead to our community’s willingness to invest in an educational system they are proud to support.


The Strategies of Intent were approved by the School Board in June 2016. The complete press release about the Strategies is linked below:

Complete Press Release about Strategies - June 15, 2016


Teams were formed to create a framework to implement each of the strategies. This work takes place during the Implementation phase of the planning process.

For archived documents of the Strategic Plan Process, click on Archived Content.

The Capital School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions), national origin, citizenship or ancestry, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, or gender identity, against victims of domestic violence, sexual offenses, or stalking, or upon any other categories protected by federal, state, or local law.  Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies should be directed to the Title IX, District 504 and ADA Coordinators:  Capital School District, 198 Commerce Way, Dover DE 19904.  Phone (302) 672-1500