Grade Level Reconfiguration Investigation FAQ

1.  Why is the district considering a grade level reconfiguration?
  • During the Strategic Planning Community Forums and the Co-labs, many conversations focused on  issues around Special Education, Early Childhood Education and our current 5-6, 7-8 grade level  configuration.
  • The need for an early childhood center and traditional middle school were discussed during the Co-Labs  when discussing vision, barriers, and actions.
  • We recognize that IF we change our grade level configuration, the discussion needs to take place      BEFORE we discuss the Facility Master Plan.

2.  Has the decision already been made on which buildings will be used for what purpose?
  • NO, this is a discussion that is taking place in a very thoughtful way.  We are looking at multiple aspects of our facilities.  Facility use and grade level configuration are part of the discussion.  We are also looking at the Physical Plant of each building, the Capacity, Potential Uses, Historical Significance, District Population Projections.
  • Additional Community input will be sought in each step of the process to inform decision making as we move forward.
  • At the December school board meeting, the board voted to explore a grade reconfiguration of: an early childhood center (PreK-kindergarten), elementary (1-5), middle schools (6-8), and high school (9-12). 

3.  Where will the Early Childhood Center be located?
  • This will be determined as part of the Facility Master Plan.
  • During the Grade Level Reconfiguration Investigation, the Committee determined that based on educational research of best practices for teaching early learners, as well as the size and goals of the Capital School District, an Early Childhood Center would be the best model for our students.

4.  What will be offered at each school if we have two 6-8 middle schools?  Who will attend each middle school?   …. And other examples of school and programming specific questions…..
  • These are all great questions which will continue to be addressed as we develop the Facility Master Plan and engage the public in those discussions.  As incremental decisions are made, we will continue dialogue with our staff and the public to identify potential issues and find the best solutions.

5.  What school will I be teaching at if I am certified in __?  How will the staffing of each building be decided? … And other examples of staffing questions related to grade level configuration…..
  • There will be many questions that need to be answered as we determine what schools will be used for what purposes and the programming at each.  We will engage with staff and the public throughout the process of developing the Facility Master Plan.


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