The Capital School District's Spanish Immersion Program

The Capital School District launched its Spanish Immersion Program for kindergarten students in August 2013 at South Dover Elementary School and was awarded by the Delaware Department of Education the opportunity to open the second Immersion site at Fairview Elementary School.  The opening of Immersion at Fairview will occur during the 2016-17 school year.  At both schools, the Immersion Program will be structured using a traditional One-Way Immersion model with almost all of the students being native-English speakers.  

During the 2016-17 academic year, the Spanish Immersion Program at both schools will be limited to 44 students who will be selected through a lottery process.  
  • For students who live in the attendance zone of the school in which they would like to attend, parents must register at their home school and complete a “Spanish Immersion Program Lottery Application” found in the school’s main office.
  • For students who do not live in the Capital School District or do not live in the attendance zone of the school in which they would like to attend, parents must register their rising kindergarteners into their home school and must complete an online School Choice application by May 2, 2016 for either Fairview ES or South Dover ES and that school’s Immersion program. 

Children selected for the Immersion Program at South will automatically have the opportunity to continue with Spanish immersion classes through grade 4. These students will then have the chance to take Spanish at both the middle and high school levels. Long term, students participating in the Immersion Program will have the chance to earn college credit for the language while still in high school.

Children selected for the Spanish Immersion program will be contacted by the end of May 2016.

For more information, please visit the Delaware Department of Education's website or contact:

Jeffrey Sheehan, Principal
South Dover Elementary School
955 South State Street
Dover, DE 19901
Melissa White, Principal
Fairview Elementary School

700 Walker Road
Dover, DE 19904
Dr. Sylvia Henderson, Assistant Superintendent
Capital School District Office
198 Commerce Way
Dover, DE 19904



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