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Contact Info: Jennifer Benson
Email: Jennifer.benson@capital.k12.de.us
Phone: (302)857-4253
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Roles and Responsibilities of RTTT Instructional Support Coach

Resource to Classroom Teacher
Support Coach will directly assist classroom teachers in addressing behavioral management through classroom observation, lesson delivery modeling, and collaborative reflection. 
Work with teachers to establish classroom routines and procedures that enhance the use of instructional time.
Model instructional techniques and classroom management strategies
Conduct peer observations and provide feedback to teachers to help them improve their practice
Support teachers in recognizing student behavior, establishing clear standards of conduct, and responding to student misbehavior in ways that are appropriate and respectful of the students
Support teachers in creating a classroom environment that represents a genuine culture of learning through teacher commitment and high expectations for all students
Assist teachers in designing physical classroom space to be safe, conducive to collaborative learning and accessible to all students

Resource to Administrative, Instructional Staff and LEAD Mentors
Works with building administrator and other coaches and interventionists to discuss topics and resources around classroom management that could benefit staff
Lead small cohort meetings and/or PLC discussions around areas of classroom management
Serve as a resource on classroom environment issues to school based Instructional Support Teams
Works with LEAD mentors/building mentors with a focus on instructional support and classroom management for new teachers with emphasis on year one.  
Provides additional resources to all teachers via website on District home page, titled “Instructional Support” which is found under staff section/helpful resources
Provides a direct  support link via website for any staff member/admin. to request instructional support
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