Capital School District Recommended Math Resources for Elementary Teachers

Web Sites to Explore

A+MATH A great site for kids that includes flash cards, homework helper and advanced problems.

COOL MATH This site has loads of lessons, activities and resources to enrich your instruction

ESCAPE FROM KNAB Your can only find your way back to Earth by making the right financial decisions.

HOW FAR IS IT? Calculates the distance between two places, you input the locations from the U.S. Census Bureau

KIDSMATH Math activities for elementary and intermediate students

KIDS' WEB MATH Links to fractals, geometry, math history, problem solving, puzzles and number theory.

MATH IN DAILY LIFE This site is from the Anneberg Project and suitable for upper Elementary and Middle Schools

MATH IN THE MOVIES Uses of Math applications portrayed in major motion pictures.

MATH TEACHER LINK This site is designed to deliver professional development opportunities and classroom resources to teachers of mathematics, statistics, and related subjects at the high school and lower division college levels.

MEGA MATH Lessons that cover intriguing mathematical concepts in ways that even elementary children can internalize them - cool approaches with complete lesson plans.


MONSTER MATH Designed to introduce and review a variety of basic math concepts such as counting, addition and multiplication. These activities allow the players to be problem solvers.

NEW MATH TEACHERS This page has lots of hints and tips for teachers just starting out in Mathematics instruction.

WEBMATH An intermet based math problem solver, equipped with an online "math-engine" that can instantly provide you with an answer to the particular math problem you may be working on.

WOMEN MATHEMATICIANS Presented by Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, biographies can be accessed either alphabetically or chronologically.

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