Homebound Information

Homebound Instruction

Homebound Instruction, is funded by the State of Delaware and the Capital School District to provide instruction for students who are unable to attend school due to medical conditions and for Special Education students who have been placed on homebound instruction as a result of significant behavioral issues.

Student Eligibility:
A student enrolled in the school district is eligible for supportive instruction when the school receives the required certification that an accident, injury, surgery, sudden illness or episodic flare up of a chronic condition will prevent the student from attending school for at least ten (10) school days. One of the following must apply:

 A physician must certify absences due to a medical condition.

 Absences due to severe adjustment problems must be certified by a psychologist or psychiatrist and be confirmed by Student Services or the local school contact.

 Illnesses or diagnosed adjustment problems which continue beyond 45 days will be reviewed; recertification by physician may be required.

 A physician must certify absences due to pregnancy complicated by illness or other abnormal conditions.

• Students do not qualify for supportive instruction for normal pregnancies, unless there are complications.

• Students who remain enrolled in school are eligible for supportive instruction during a postpartum period not to exceed six weeks and a physician must certify the postpartum absence.

 With prior approval from the Supervisor of Support Services, transitional instruction may be provided to support homebound students as they re-enter the regular program.

 Homebound funds may not be used to provide services to students who have been suspended or expelled from school, except for Special Education students, unless otherwise approved by the Office of the Superindent.

Applications can be obtained from your child's school.

Contact: Shameka Johnson
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